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Thu, Mar 22 2018

Northwest BC, Bed & Breakfast, Inn, Lodge and Cottage Directory

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Landmark: Main Street, Smithers

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Nestled in the picturesque Bulkley Valley, in the shadow of Hudson Bay Mountain and surrounded by three mountain ranges, it's no wonder that SMITHERS is known as Little Switzerland. Smithers became home to pioneer settlers who farmed the valley, discovered its mineral riches, and developed the forest industry that is so vital to the community today. The area's panoramic scenery is matched only by the genuine warmth of its community. Known throughout BC, The Big Onion, situated north of Smithers in the Babine Mountain Recreational Area, offers incredible snowmobiling adventures. The Smithers Snowmobile Association hosts the annual Hillclimb on this mountain every March.

TERRACE is a gracious host to a myriad of outdoor activities, visitors should bring their hiking boots and fishin' pole, and keep their eyes peeled for the elusive "Great Spirit Bear" - the white Kermodei bear. Ursus Americanus Kermodei, the rare white bear is not found anywhere else in the world. If you spot one you will join the ranks of the privileged few. KITIMAT is both an inland and a coastal settlement, in that the sportfishing haven sits on an arm of the Pacific Ocean that reaches 88 miles (140 km) inland, cutting deep into the Coast Mountains. Steelhead, chinook, chum and coho salmon all make their way up the Kitimat, not to mention the feisty resident population of cutthroat trout. Saltwater fishing offers snappers, cod or halibut running to 120 lbs. PRINCE RUPERT is located on the northwest coast of British Columbia at the western end of the Yellowhead Highway. Prince Rupert's natural deepwater harbour handles ocean-going freighters from all over the world loading cargoes of grain, lumber, pulp, mineral ore, sulphur and coal destined for international markets. It is interesting to note that Prince Rupert is closer to Japan than to Vancouver!


Head for the BIG ONION

The rare and beautiful Kermodei

Fishing the Kitimat River

Heading for Prince Rupert