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Thu, Mar 22 2018

Parkland Bed & Breakfast, Inn, Lodge and Cottage Directory

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Manitoba - Western MB - Parkland (A) View Region Map
Landmark: Dauphin, Court House

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Cool lakes, rushing rivers, and dense green forests. The Parklands are a precious resource - home to elk, deer, black bear and other magnificent Manitoba wildlife. Spectacular parks lend the region its sense of grandeur and adventure. Manitoba is famous for thousands of prairie potholes - lakes of all sizes that were left as glaciers retreated. Riding Mountain Park is one of the few places where these prairie potholes have not been drained off and plowed under. Undoubtedly a wonderful year-round playground for fishing, swimming, windsurfing, golfing, and skiing. Downhill and cross-country skiers, snowboarders and tubers find ongoing challenges and excitement in Asessippi Provincial Park, a winter paradise. Riding Mountain escarpment as an impressive backdrop to the Dauphin Valley while beyond the eastern horizon is the shoreline of Lake Dauphin. Recreation is an important asset for DAUPHIN. There is boating, swimming and fishing at any of the beaches at Lake Dauphin. Outdoor enthusiasts will delight in Duck Mountain Provincial Parks rolling wooded terrain- exploring dense, leafy forests, fishing the deep clear lakes and camping in the upland meadows.

The Parkland is full of unique destinations just waiting for you to discover. Of particular interest are the churches. The traditional onion domes are the dominant feature of the landscape, you'll find them in every town, along the highway, and hidden among groves of trees down little-used side roads. RUSSELL is the home of Manitoba's Beef and Barley Festival which is held annually to celebrate the region's strong agricultural tradition. Grain farming and cattle ranching are extensive in the surrounding area. Grain elevators are Prairie icons, powerful, stately reminders of our agricultural history. Almost every Manitoba community had at least one, and large centres often boasted a whole set, lined up along the rail track. The five elevators in INGLIS are remarkable. They are not only the last example in Manitoba of an elevator row, they are also the best remaining example in Canada.

Parklandů.A land of grand, green spaces - yours to explore!


Dauphins Neo-Classic Court House

Riding Mountain National Park

Winter in Assessippi

Ukranian Heritage...a Historical Site

Elevator row in Inglis