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Fri, Mar 23 2018

Eastern Manitoba Bed & Breakfast, Inn, Lodge and Cottage Directory

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Landmark: Grand Beach

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From the western border of Ontario to the eastern shores of Lake Winnipeg, Eastern Manitoba is a veritable outdoor adventureland. The Bloodvein, a Canadian Heritage River, originates in Ontario and slashes through the Canadian Shield, tumbling over boulder-strewn rapids and surges through narrow gorges on its journey to Lake Winnipeg. This rugged whitewater river is a wilderness canoeist's dream. Travel south along the shores of Lake Winnipeg and you will find Manitoba's most famous strip of sand, Grand Beach. This breathtaking beach was once voted (by Playboy Magazine) one of the top ten beaches in the world. GRAND MARAIS, the small resort town adjacent to Grand Beach Park, provides all the services to make your stay more enjoyable. North of BEACONIA on Hwy. #59 you will find Patricia and Beaconia beaches among the last beaches at the south end of Lake Winnipeg that have been left in a near-natural and relatively unspoiled state.

"Halfway between work and play" is a phrase used to describe BEAUSEJOUR. Visitors can enjoy a round of golf or a refreshing swim or a leisurely stroll on the paved trails at Wally Chryplywy Nature Park. In the winter, Beausejour becomes a snowmobiler's paradise with access to hundreds of miles of groomed trails culminating in the internationally known Canadian Power Toboggan Championships in March. At the periphery of the beautiful and rugged Canadian Shield, Falcon, West Hawk and Caddy Lake are situated along the Trans Canada Trail. Formed by a meteor strike tens of thousands of years ago and measuring an amazing 115 metres deep, West Hawk Lake easily ranks as the deepest lake in Manitoba. Its depth and clear blue waters make it one of the most spectacular places to scuba dive. A must see in Eastern Manitoba is The Mennonite Heritage Village in STEINBACH. It brings to life the Mennonite way of life from the 14th century to present day. It exists to preserve and share the Mennonite heritage and illustrate a traditional way of life that has disappeared.

If you're seeking the best of "Friendly Manitoba," this is the place to be.


Adventurers love the Bloodvein

Canadian Power Toboggan Races

The Mennonite Heritage Village