To assure the quality of service to our visitors, the Stratford and area Bed and Breakfast Association (SABBA) has established a code of conduct, standards and operating guidelines for its members. These have been approved by the general membership and are binding on all members and acceptance of these provisions is a condition of membership.


SABBA Members shall at all times:

1. Ensure high standards of courtesy, cleanliness and safety
Provide guests with helpful information about the facilities, services and activities in Stratford and the surrounding area
2. Accurately describe the facilities, amenities and services provided by their B&B, in all promotions, advertising, brochures or oral communication
3. If requested, allow guests to see the accommodation before booking.
4. Define exactly what is included in all prices quoted for accommodation, meals, refreshments, services and applicable taxes.
5. Define at time of booking, the reservation, confirmation, deposit, cancellation and refund policies of the B&B.
6. Deal promptly and courteously with all inquiries, requests, correspondence, reservations and complaints.


Members shall comply with these minimum standards:


1. Comply with applicable zoning, licensing, fire, health and building codes.
2. Provide adequate lighting at home entrance and ensure that access is unobstructed.
3. Provide an adequate off-street parking space for each guest room.
4. Ensure that the home is accessible to registered guests at all times.
5. Provide a comfortable sitting area for guests in addition to their bedroom(s).
6. Provide access to a telephone.
7. Have a first aid kit readily available.

Bedrooms shall provide:

1. Superior quality firm mattresses.
2. Adequate pillows and covers.
3. Clean linen for new guests and a change at least every three days for long stay guests.
4. Clean drinking glasses daily for each guest.
5. Adequate drawer space.
6. Space for guest to hang clothes.
7. A wall or dresser mirror in each room.
8. At least one chair or seat per room.
9. A reading lamp.
10. A wastepaper container.
11. Good ventilation with a window, air-conditioning, ceiling or portable fans.
12. Adequate blinds, drapes or curtains.
13. Adequate lighting.
14. Adequate privacy and security.

Bathroom Requirements:

1. At least one full bathroom per three double guest rooms or six persons, to include a shower and/or bath, on the same floor as the guest rooms.
2. Bathrooms shall be clean and sanitized at least once daily when there are guests in residence.
3. Non-slip provision for showers and/or baths.
4. Adequate daily supply of clean towels, face cloths, tissues and soap for each guest.
5. A mirror and waste basket.
Breakfast Provisions:

1. Rates shall include and specify a continental or full breakfast.
2. Breakfast shall be served in a comfortable dining area with adequate seating.

For more information or to obtain a membership application form e-mail: info@sabba.ca or call 1-519-275-2954

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