Andreena Mill Feat. Saukrates - Rewind

While driving home last night, I heard beautiful track on Flow 93.5FM. I recorded a fragment on my cell so I could look for it later. I failed to find the song/artist info after countless lyrics searches on Google using words I recorded.

It was by sheer dumb luck that I stumbled on this page which gave me name & artist info for the track. Still had to confirm if it was indeed the right song...

Next I went to Capitol Hill Records (a lovely flash site that can't be indexed by search engines.) which had Rewind playing on the homepage. YAY!!

Having confirmed Andreena Mill's Rewind was the right song, I did a few more searches to find where to get it. I found it here. Still no album to buy though.

Later on I found that Andreena Mill's MySpace which had the music video you see below.


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