My #1 Cake - Chocolate Mousse Bombe

Chocolate Mousse Bombe PhotoLa Rocca Creative Cakes makes wonderful cakes. I get them at Zehrs & other Loblaws stores. With my special day coming up, I wanted to share with you a cake I love.

The Chocolate Mousse Bombe is best cake I have found after many years of searching. I have yet to meet someone that didn't like it. If they hate chocolate...well they are a lost cause. The Bombe is a light, rich and smooth cake. I first had it in Toronto, at a restaurant called Just Desserts. After some digging, I found out who makes it and where I can buy it!

If am asked to bring a cake for a party, I always get the Bombe! This way, no matter how bad the other cakes are, I know I will l have some nice cake to eat.

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