iPhone App: TarotTap - Tarot Cards in your iPhone

TarotTap - Developed for TickleSpace Inc.

TarotTap provides both the beginners and experts to play with tarot cards, for personal insights and fun.
TarotTap's Free Layout takes full advantage of your iPhone/iTouch's multi-touch features letting you play with the cards like you would in real life. Cards can be dragged, rotated and positioned to create your own layouts. Double tapping a card provides you its meaning.

- 2 Basic layouts for quick readings: Past Present Future, and Celtic Cross
- 78 card Rider-Waite-Smith deck with meanings
- provides upright and reversed meanings for each card
- Fully saves state to allow you to continue your readings.

Tarot is for entertainment only.

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An alternative model serializer for django

Django's serializer has some limitations which makes it a bit of a pain to use. Basically it will ignore any atributes that have been added to a model object.

The code below is for an alternative serializer. This version allows you select what attributes will be serialized on a per object basis. It also allows you to either serialize the data into json or xml. This code also works if you have model instance as an attribute of another model.

You can get the code on django snippets.

The original json encoder was written by Wolfram Kriesing.


dumper = DataDumper()


Drupal Camp Toronto 2008

DrupalCamp LogoGet ready for the third annual Toronto DrupalCamp.

The event will be held at the Bissell Building on the campus of the University of Toronto on May 23rd and May 24th 2008. (More information at http://2008.drupalcamptoronto.org)

TickleSpace is proud to sponsor this event.

Officially, the event is presented by the Toronto Drupal Users Group with the support of the Drupal Association. However, this event is entirely organized by volunteers and Drupal enthusiasts from around the Greater Toronto Area.

I will be presenting a session on building your own social network with Drupal

See you there.


Drupal Modules

These are modules that we have contributed to the community.


ChiPet 1.1 is BACK!!

Chi Trimmed

My little ChiPet has finally returned to its spot on my dashboard. As you can see it is healthy and was trimmed just before the screencap. With the new sleep capability he will stay healthy and not die on me every weekend....assuming I don't forget to put it to sleep.

Big thanks to NovisDesign for coming through on this update.

Go to ChiPet to download the latest version.

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The RW Internet presents....

If you recently watched Lessig's presentation, you will notice he made reference to RW Internet, and gave some funny examples.

While the URL for some of the clips was given, the clip of mana mana set to an anime was not. After looking around I found it. It is titled "Muppet Show meets Vampire Hunter D". You can also see the Original muppets version of manamana


Andreena Mill Feat. Saukrates - Rewind

While driving home last night, I heard beautiful track on Flow 93.5FM. I recorded a fragment on my cell so I could look for it later. I failed to find the song/artist info after countless lyrics searches on Google using words I recorded.

It was by sheer dumb luck that I stumbled on this page which gave me name & artist info for the track. Still had to confirm if it was indeed the right song...

Next I went to Capitol Hill Records (a lovely flash site that can't be indexed by search engines.) which had Rewind playing on the homepage. YAY!!

Having confirmed Andreena Mill's Rewind was the right song, I did a few more searches to find where to get it. I found it here. Still no album to buy though.

Later on I found that Andreena Mill's MySpace which had the music video you see below.


My #1 Cake - Chocolate Mousse Bombe

Chocolate Mousse Bombe PhotoLa Rocca Creative Cakes makes wonderful cakes. I get them at Zehrs & other Loblaws stores. With my special day coming up, I wanted to share with you a cake I love.

The Chocolate Mousse Bombe is best cake I have found after many years of searching. I have yet to meet someone that didn't like it. If they hate chocolate...well they are a lost cause. The Bombe is a light, rich and smooth cake. I first had it in Toronto, at a restaurant called Just Desserts. After some digging, I found out who makes it and where I can buy it!

If am asked to bring a cake for a party, I always get the Bombe! This way, no matter how bad the other cakes are, I know I will l have some nice cake to eat.

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