Connecting to Apple Push Notification Service from Drupal

We have started developing a new module to allow a Drupal based website to send push notifications to the iPhone.

I've posted a note on to get some discussion going.

This is of course half of the puzzle. You will need to build an iPhone app that will interact with your site.


OG Auto Fill Description

This module automatically generates a short description from a larger description field you may have created.

Why use this module?
When using Organic Groups a required field is added to your content type called Description:. That means if you have created your own Description field using cck or a custom module, you force and confuse users by asking them to enter the same or similar information twice. This module solves this problem without having to modify OG module itself.
How does it work?
The module first removes the required Description field. Then it automatically fills the field behind the scenes by taking a portion of the full description field in your cck/custom node.

Download OG Auto Fill Description from project page


OG Notify

This module sends a notification to Group admin when a user joins a group.

Why use this module?
Organic Groups does not provide an option to notify the admins when a user joins a group. This module adds this feature.

Download OG Notify from project page



Future homepage of answers.module for Drupal

Code has been posted to CVS. Enjoy.

Answers module project homepage


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We also provide website development using Drupal, and Django.