My Predictions on the Apple Tablet

Way way back in 2006 I posted I had a dream about the iPod AV. While this time I haven’t had any dreams about the tablet, I've had an urge to write my predictions of what the tablet will probably be like based on the many rumors and posts I’ve read.

  • A 2x or 1.5x screen resolution of the iPhone 960x640 or 720x480 with hopefully the same density ppi.
  • Will work with the app store and only the AppStore.
    • New section for tablet specific apps may be added to the App Store (I hope this is so).
  • It will be a locked system OSX system just like the touch and iPhone.
  • Apps will be sand-boxed just like the iPhone/Touch. (This is the future of are free but not things that run on your system)
  • It will be very thin.
  • it will be light and nice to hold and touch.
  • Will have very good battery life.
  • Will have a camera or two.
  • It will have tethering to an iPhone or possible have cellular capability (i doubt this).

These next items I suspect will be what we will complain about:

  • It will not be cheap.
  • It will of course not have enough space. There is really no way to please people on this point. I predict 64GB or 128GB if we are lucky. Ideally I’d like it to be 256-500GB.
  • It will not run mac apps.
  • No SDCard slot.

Frankly I’ll just be happy to see the thing get launched.

My only lingering concern is what the rumors community will have left to speculate about. The tablet has fueled and fed us all for so long....

UPDATE: Just read that Jobs "Extremely Happy" with Upcoming Apple Tablet I translate that to mean he has managed to take away all the remaining it will be buttonless tablet. Just a big gorgeous screen to touch. ;-)


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